Week 2: Shadow System

In today’s competitive business world, the organizations were capable to manipulate all the data and information they gather to define developments and opportunities in improving a process, identify market opportunities, track the cost – benefit in a particular area. Shadow system is a system that develops something for a department without having a proper planning and can made a huge impact to the production of information. It also provides an output for decision making, the method for creating information that creates data integrity problems. These are the reasons why organisation doesn’t want to use Shadow System.

–       Data Inconsistency

–       Undermining the organisation’s data maintenance

–       Increasing numbers of suspicious data

–       Data restrictions causing more problem

–       It creates additional work to users

–       Errors and changes cannot be tracked or detected

Possible Threats:

–       Invasion of privacy

–       Low Security

–       Prone to hackers

–       Unauthorised accessing of information

–       Documentation is not accurate

Who or what else might be threatened?

–       End users

–       The Organisation

–       TheSystem

–       Business Processes








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